The Froof

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The Froof
The Froof (Back)

"The F.R.O.O.F. you say? Interesting. But what does it mean?"

"Well, when I press here it goes froooof..."

"Er, yes... of course..."

The F.R.O.O.F. Original Card Text

Using parts salvaged from Syhar and Dwarfish machines, Carbone has managed to put together a flamethrower that is as formidable as it is instable. The Froof, as it is called by its inventor, even has two firing modes.

Cobra Mode: The Cobra mode lets Carbone shoot flaming naphta at a distance. When he uses this mode, the Froof is considered as Light Artillery with Zone Effect and follows the rules on the back of this card. The projectile's Strength is equal to 5 and its range is 15-30-40. You may make an Injection Roll to increase the shot's Strength.

Dragon Mode: When using this mode, Carbone doesn't have to make an Aim Roll. Place a Confrontation card with its narrower edge touching and centered on the front of the Goblin's base. Carbone must make an Injection Roll when using this mode. All figurines, friend or foe, that are even partially within the defined zone suffer a Damage Roll of a Strength equal to the result of the Injection Roll.

Confrontation 3 Revision

The Froof is a naphta machine equipped with a built-in carburetor. The STR of its projectiles can be increased thanks to an injection roll made using 1D6 (see the rules on naphta machines, p. 149)

The Frood can be used in various ways. Before every shot made with this machine the player must announce the chosen mode:

  • Cobra Mode: The Froof is considered to be light artillery with zone effect. Its basic STR is 5 and its range is 15-30-40.
  • Dragon Mode: The machine can be used as a flamethrower. An injection roll is to be made for this type of shot. The roll's result determines the STR of the flames. (A 1 remains a failure that causes an incident.)

No Aim test is required. All miniatures located even partially within 10 cm or less of Carbone and within his field of vision (180° from the front of his base) are hit by the flames and suffer a Damage roll with a STR equal to the injection roll's result.