Horde: The Trackers of Bran-Ô-Kor

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Horde: The Trackers of Bran-Ô-Kor
Horde: The Trackers of Bran-Ô-Kor

For many years after their flight from Shamir, the Orcs had to rival in tactics and in tenacity with the Syhar expeditions that were sent to purge the edges of the desert of their presence.

It is during these decades of guerrilla warfare that the caste of the Trackers was born. These orc warriors have broken all bonds with their tribes to vow their lives to the defense of their sacred lands.

Having become masters in the art of laying traps and ambushes, the Trackers always hit there where they are least expected.

When the clan of Trackers is complete, the player can give the Scout Ability to a part of his fighters.

In Confrontation, half of the Trackers (rounded up to the higher integer) present in the player's army can acquire the Scout ability.

For the clan of Trackers to be complete, it must include Tamaor the Vulture, Ghorak the Wild Beast, Carbone, at least 2 Trackers and 2 Jackal Trackers, and also Avangorok or Dayak of a Hundred Lives.

If Avangorok is not present, then Dayak of a Hundred Lives or Tamaor the Vulture must be equipped with The Vulture Totem.

Though he is comes from the Goblin people of No-Dan-Kar, Carbone may benefit from Avangorok's or the Vulture Totem bearer's Leadership.