Elowën the Usurer

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Elowën the Usurer

MOV: 10

INI: 5

ATT/STR: 5 / 7

DEF/RES: 4 / 7

AIM: -

COU: 5

DIS: 4

"Cadwallon is only the first step."

Equipment: Black weapon.

Abilities: <Alliance / Meanders of Darkness>. <Assassin>. <Bravery>. <Fierce>. <Fine Blade>.

(<Artifact / 2>. <Counter-Attack>. <Master-Strike / 0>. <Sequence / 2>.)

Rank: Acheron Special Champion.

Cost: 75 AP


Elowën the Usurer was released with no other cards as a profile only in Cry Havoc vol 11 Elowën the Usurer has a typo on the official card; 'Dark weapon' is mistranslated instead of 'Black weapon'.