The Headsman

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The Headsman

MOV: 10

INI: 2

ATT/STR: 4 / 9

DEF/RES: 3 / 8

AIM: -

COU: 7

DIS: 4

"Your predecessor survived for 3 days..."

Equipment: Executioner's axe. Leather clothing. Skinning kit.

Abilities: <Born Killer>. <Brutal>. <Mercenary>.

(<Artifact / 1>. <Counter-Attack>. <Master-Strike / 0>. <Sequence / 2>.)

Rank: Cadwallon Irregular Champion.

Cost: 68 AP


Originally named Le Bourreau was never translated to English. It was translated to The Headsman so as to not be confused with the Griffin Living Legend The Executioner. TSE has made a card to reflect this translation.

The Headsman blister was a French game store, Star Player, exclusive limited edition release; September 2001. It had no other cards.