Ströhm Knight

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Ströhm Knight 1
Ströhm Knight 2
Ströhm Knight 3

MOV: 20

INI: 3

ATT/STR: 4 / 4

DEF/RES: 4 / 8

AIM: -

COU: 3

DIS: 3

Equipment: Cavalry spear / STR 10 when Charging. Giant rat. Shield. Short sword. Ströhm knight armor.

Abilities: <Brutish Charge>. <Fanaticism>. <Reinforcement>.

Rank: Goblin Elite.

Cost: 27 AP


All Ströhm Knights, originally called Ströhm on Rat, were not translated to English. TSE has made an English translation card for them.

All Ströhm Knights were released with no other cards in January 1999