Impact / X

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When a war machine with this ability makes an assault, the miniatures with which it comes into contact suffer a Damage roll whose STR varies depending on the distance the machine covered before the impact.

  1. Calculation of the Impact’s STR This STR is equal to the X value bound to the ability multi-plied by the number of (even incomplete) segments of 10 cm moved by the machine. The distance to be taken into account is that between the machine’s point of departure and the first miniature it hits.
    Example: A chariot (Impact / 3) charges an opponent by moving a distance of 23 cm, meaning 3 segments of 10 cm. The impact’s STR is therefore 3 x 3 = 9.
    If the war machine is <Irrepressible> and has a speed counter during its activation, then it is considered to have moved a distance equal to its MOV x 2 at the moment of impact.
    Example: A chariot has a MOV of 20, as well as the Impact / 3 and Irrepressible abilities. When its charge is announced it has a speed counter. So no matter the true distance between it and its target, it is considered to be moving a distance equal to its MOV x 2, meaning 40 cm. The chariot therefore covers 4 segments of 10 cm and the impact’s STR is equal to 4 x 3 = 12.
  2. Who Suffers the Impact? Only miniatures in contact with the front of the machine suffer the impact. If a war machine with Impact / X has gathered speed thanks to Irrepressible and is assaulted from the front, then the assailant immediately suffers the impact.
  3. Damage Caused by the Impact The Damage rolls caused by the impact are made as soon as the machine comes into contact with its target. If the miniatures in contact with the front of the machine are Killed Outright or destroyed by the impact, then the war machine can choose to either continue its movement or to stop. If it continues its movement, then this does not count as a pursuit movement. If, when continuing its movement, it meets another miniature, then this miniature also suffers a Damage roll with the same STR as the first Impact.
    Special Case: If two war machines with Impact / X crash into each other head-on, then there are two possibilities.
    • If the assaulted machine does not have a speed counter (thanks to Irrepressible), then it is the only one to suffer a Damage roll caused by the impact.
    • If the assaulted machine has a speed counter, then both machines suffer a Damage roll.