Dwarf Wrecker

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Dwarf Wrecker

MOV: 7.5

INI: 0

ATT/STR: 4 / 7

DEF/RES: 3 / 4

AIM: -

COU: 5

DIS: 5

"Enter first and knock after!"

Equipment: Steam Weapon / STR

Abilities: Bane / War Machine. Hard-Boiled. Master Strike / 3.

Rank: Cadwallon Elite. Guild of Architects.

Cost: 25 AP


Dwarf wrecker blister released in April 2007 with no other cards.

A TSE card was made for the capacity Tunnellers from the Cry Havoc 3.

Wrecker Dwarf is an alternate profile of the same model from Cry Havoc 3.