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Here is a list of any sites that hold unique data on anything Rackham or Confrontation related. Archive

Wayback 2007, Barebones Site

Wayback 2007, Widget Site

SDEN Version 1

SDEN Version 2

The Dark Site, German Archive Site

Canal Blog, Card and Fan Art Archive

Under the Mountain Blog, Art Archive & Other

Haekel & Jaeckel, Sculptors Archive

Yolasite, Confrontation Miniatures Index

ConfrontationPills, Confrontation Resources and Archives

Confrontation Wiki, Best English Archive

Confrontation vraiforum

Webarchive UKCord

JMichaelT, Early Confrontation dedicated site

Librevent, Age of Rag'Narok & AT-43 Miniature Index

AT-43 Remember, AT-43 Inventory and Strategy Blog