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Using Wayback Machine, an early capture of the site can be browsed at the link : web archive

Notable resources drawn from it can be found below:

To access the original pages, for Scenarios, navigate to the html version of the site and scenarios on the left, for the Lore Exerpts, navigate to Archives and Novels on the left.


Mizar's Quest

The Blood of the Selenites

Xherus' Odyssey

Settling Debts at Quai Korale

Year 2000 Scenarios

Lore Exerpts

Clone 29P195

The Celestial Seal

A Son's Love

The Soul of the Machine

The Ghouls

Siena the Silent

Kerlhann the Errant

A Bad Subject

Killion & Sephiroth

The Prisoner of the Plains

Alone in the World

The Puy to the Dead

Arakan the Duelist

First Weapons

The Tower Gaols