Petrification Resin

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All through the Incantation, the Magician, with skill and precaution, shakes the Resin within a flask in order to keep it as liquid as water. Once the Incantation is successful, the flask I thrown at his enemy. As it breaks, it spills its content. The unfortunate victim then rapidly finds himself covered with a thick coating or stone which protects him efficiently and immobilizes him totally for a few moments.

Petrification Resin

2 Earth Managem earth.png

Path: Telluric, Fayery

Range: 10 cm

Difficulty: 8

Duration: Until end of round

Area of Effect: A figurine

Frequency: 1

Intensity: 3

A.P.: 6

Under the power of the Petrifaction Resin, the victim's Resilience doubles. His initiative drops to 0 and it is now impossible for him to move or fire. However, a Magician or Faithful immobilized by the Petrifaction Resin can still cast spells or call on miracles without penalties.