The Stunner

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The Stunner

Rumor has it that Captain Kelian Durak of the Cadwallon militia is one of the most corrupt officers there is. Despite the size of his file, no evidence has ever been found that put an end to his career. On the contrary, his service record lists countless operations that he led with great success, albeit using rather unorthodox procedures. The most sordid cases and the most explosive situations are often entrusted to this dirty-handed militiaman.

Durak found the Stunner during the inspection of a vessel arriving from Avagddu. In its hold there was food, metal, and the ashes of several kelt chiefs.

No one can grasp or measure Kelian's strange fascination with this impressive hammer that he has nicknamed "The Stunner."

The Stunner gives Kelian Durak the "Brutal" ability.

This artifact's second power is activated every time Kelian Durak does a master strike. If the master strike inflicts a Damage roll, then the victim loses one combat die, in addition to the master strike's other consequences. The player controlling Kelian Durak choose the die that is lost among the ones the victim disposes of.

The Stunner is reserved to Kelian Durak.

Cost: 14 AP