The Skiross Stone

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The Skiross Stone

Nurbald the Sculptor is one of the most disturbing celebrities of Gamehead. He lives does in the Demise Hole and knows the underground network of tunnels very well. He is regularly found roaming the sewers and the foundations of Cadwallon searching for corpses to drag back to his underground lair. Chthonian magic, a legacy from the Abyss of Mid-Nor, gives him the power to cut and reassemble carcasses at will to fulfill his passion for sculpture. Once his work is finished, he uses the Skiross Stone, a jewel stolen from a dying necromancer, to breathe back life into the dead bodies.

This artifact allows Nurbald's army to incorporate up to 100 A.P. of Acheronian non-Character fighters with Living-Dead and Regeneration / X. The statement "of Acheron" is replaced by "of Cadwallon" in their rank. Their Strategic value is added to the army.

Rag'Narok: The Living-Dead chosen make up Nurbald's Unit. The Skiross Stone is considered like a unique Orb of Blackness that Nurbald can use even if he doesn't master Necromancy.

The Skiross Stone is reserved to Nurbald.

Cost: 10 AP