The Larva of the Ymsur

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The Larva of the Ymsur

The peasants hid in the attic when the first shadows started creeping around their farm. Men, women and children fearfully huddled together in the big room. Suddenly they heard a scraping sound not he walls. They all froze stiff, aware that the slightest noise would be their death sentence. Then they all started screaming when parts of the roof caved in and four monsters let themselves fall into the room. One of the men, braver than the others, threw himself at one of them with a pitchfork in his hands, but a swing of a saber stopped him short in his tracks. Brother at the mouth, Kanizhar slowly crawled towards his prey with a cruel grin on his face...

Like his equals, Kanizhar can use one of the strange secretions produced by his corrupted organism.

In each round, at the moment that he is activated, Kanizhar can do one of the following:

  • Coat his weapon with corrosive spit: its Strength is increased by 3 points until the end of the round.
  • Concentrate his vital fluids on his wounds: it benefits from Regeneration / 5 ability until the end of the round. If Kanizhar chooses the second effect, he may also inflict a Light Wound on a friendly figurine in base-to-base contact with him if he fails his Regeneration Roll. He may then make a new Regeneration Roll. He can only make use of this process once per round.