The Hybrids of the Abyss

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The Hybrids of the Abyss

The depths of the earth are a world apart in which an infinite number of life forms swarm: blind and albino larvae, necrophagous worms, gigantic myriapods... The metabolism of these creatures has evolved in order for them to dwell in the abysses and they have developed surprising physical characteristics: acid spit that is able to dissolve rock, venomous blood protecting them fro predators, organisms able to survive in extreme conditions...

The Despot has used the bodies of the biological aberrations to create servants perfectly adapted to the chthonian depths: the Incubuses. These are charged with watching over the sleeping bodies of their brethren waiting for the Despot to breathe the demonic spirit into them that will guide them in combat. Their organic secretions, like the glacial cold that reigns in these caves, allows the inanimate bodies to be preserved from decomposition. But this mucus and other body fluids have several other advantages...

The Incubuses secrete various physiological substances. In each turn during which it is activated the Incubus can choose to do one of the following:

  • Coat its weapon with corrosive spit: its Strength is increased by 2 points until the end of the round.
  • Concentrate its vital fluids on its wounds: it benefits from Regeneration / 5 ability until the end of the round.

In Rag'Narok the Incubuses that are part of the same Unit, excepting Independents, must choose to do the same one of the above choices.