The Horde of Dun-Scaith

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Devourer War Chief: Ranghor

Drune War Chief: Tyramòn

The horde of Dun-Scaith was born of the alliance between a pack of Wolfen Devourers commanded by the war chief Ranghor and a group of Drunes led by a formor named Tyramòn.

The Rules and background for Dun-Scaith were released in the Cry Havoc 4 magazine and Game Aid.

How to join this horde?

Any Drune or Devourer fighter, including Characters, can join the horde of Dun-Scaith for an individual additional cost of 1 A.P. (2 A.P. for Characters). The A.P. value of the fighters and Character of the horde of Dun-Scaith already take this additional cost into account; hence it does not have to be increased.

Some fighters (or types of fighters), who are listed below, cannot join the horde of Dun-Scaith.

Devourer War Chiefs

Ranghor is so full of himself and so obsessed with power that he would never accept to give up his authority and submit himself to another war chief.

No Devourer Characters with the "Leadership/X" ability and a DIS greater than 4 can join the horde of Dun-Scaith. This rule also applies when the ability was acquired thanks to an artifact (and if the Discipline rating was increased).

Allowed Units with Leadership

Kalyar the Awakened

Kalyar, War Chief

Meyleen, Eclipsante

Devourer Half-Elves

A tyrannical and extremist chief, Ranghor is convince that only the Wolfen may boast to be following the way of the Beast. In his eyes the other peoples who claim to be following the precepts of Vile-Tis are nothing more than imposters unworthy of wearing the ritual chains. For this reason Ranghor has always refused to fight alongside the Impure; he has even made himself guilty of the murder of several of them.

The horde of Dun-Scaith cannot include any non-Wolfen Devourer fighters or Characters.


Ranghor's warriors live apart from the other Devourers and their females don't follow the teachings of the eclipsantes. The lethal she-wolves nevertheless remain formidable opponents who are just a cruel and dangerous as their sister.

Eclipsantes cannot join the horde of Dun-Scaith. However, their miniatures can be played using the lethal she-wolf profile.

Drune War Chiefs

Tyramòn has been entrusted with a mission by Aggoth, the lord of the formors. Due to this he would never give the command of his troops to anyone else but another former, and especially not to a human.

No non-formor Drune Characters with Leadership/X and a DIS greater than 5 can join the horde of Dun-Scaith. This rule also applies when the ability was acquired thanks to an artifact (and if the Discipline rating was increased). Hence, Drac Mac Syrö is forbidden.

Allowed Units with Leadership

Brentyr the Enslaver

Gwahyr the Merciless

Crôn the Undefeated

Drune Warriors

Tyramòn demands that the wyrd lords of Drun-Aeryfh send him their best warriors to lead the onslaughts on the Templar Commandery of the North.

No Drune fighters with a value lower than 17 A.P. (including the additional cost bound to joining the horde) may join Tyramòn's army. The Kelt warriors are therefore forbidden.

Army Composition

An army of the horde of Dun-Scaith must conform to the following rules.

All of the army's fighters must be bound to the horde of Dun-Scaith, with a few exceptions: Elementals, familiars and Immortals may join an army of the horde of Dun-Scaith in the usual way. However, they are not considered to be part of it. Their cost is A.P. is not increased and they are not affected by the special rules of the horde of Dun-Scaith.

  • At least 40%* of the army's value in A.P. must be made up of Devourers.
  • At least 40%* of the army's value in A.P. must be made up of Drunes.
  • The remaining 20%* can be made up freely of Drunes, Devourers, familiars, Elementals, and Immortals. Yet one of the two camps, Drunes or Devourers must form a relative majority, even by just one A.P.
  • No Allies or Mercenaries coming from other peoples can join this army.
  • Only Immortals of Darkness can be included in this army. No Immortals of Destiny are allows, even if the army is made up mainly of Devourers.
  • The fighters of the horde of Dun-Scaith cannot join different army, not even one of their own people.

In Confrontation

The Tactical roll must be made using the highest DIS among the people that forms the majority.

Special Rules


The two armies are considered to be Allied (the minority army is the majority army's Ally). All rules concerning leadership apply in the usual way.

Sanguinary Fury

The horde of Dun-Scaith's warriors are so bloodthirsty that they never stop fighting until they have exterminated all of their opponents.

The fighters of the horde of Dun-Scaith, be they Drunes or Devourers, are not allowed to disengage voluntarily. They can only do so if they are forced to by a game effect.

In return, any opponent who tries to disengage (voluntarily or not) from a combat against a member of the horde sees the difficulty of his Disengagement Roll increased by 2 points. This rule applies to regular disengagement and disengagement by force. On the other hand, it does not apply if the fighter benefits from an effect that allows him to disengage automatically.

Emulation of the Horde

Depending on the people that forms the majority, the fighters of the minority people benefit from certain advantages.

If the army includes a majority of Devourers

Galvanized by the presence of the Wolfen Devourers, all Drune fighters with COU benefit from a +1 on the final result of their Courage Rolls (a result of "1" remains a failure).

Those who have FEAR see this characteristic increase by 1 point when they charge.

Fighters with War Cry/X see the value bound to this ability increase by 1 point.

If the army includes a majority of Drunes

If the Devourers form a minority, then their feeling of superiority over humans pushes them to impress their allies with their ferocity in combat. All Devourers of the horde of Dun-Scaith benefit from a +1 in Strength during the round in which they have charged. This bonus is bound to the state of fury into which they throw themselves; it therefore remains valid for the whole round, even against enemies that the Devourers haven't charged.


Tyramòn is a fighter of Normal Size. Though his talent as a magician is limited, he is a member of the caste of the Mighty. He can benefit from all the demonic auras reserved to this caste (see below), as well as from those presented on the Demonic Auras cards supplied with the formor fiends. Instead of the auras described on these cards he can acquire one of the following ones.

Aura of the Powerful / 4 A.P.: Only a formor Mighty can acquire this aura. His mana reserve's maximum is Increased by 2 points. Furthermore, he always recovers an additional gem of Darkness during the mana recovery phase, even if he gets a result of "1" on his roll or if a game effect prevents him from making his Mana Recovery Roll.

Aura of Negation / 3 A.P.: Only a formor Mighty can acquire this aura. He benefits from a +1 on the final result of all his attempts to counter a spell (a result of ''1" remains a failure). Moreover, the difficulty of countering the spells he casts is increased by 1 point.

Masters of Carnage

The soul snatchers of the Drune necropolis have shown the Devourer magicians how to use their talents to prevent the soul of their dead from being called back among the gods who they so despise. Thus, the Devourers of the horde of Dun-Scaith now embalm their deceased brethren and bring them back to life when the time of war comes.

Just like soul snatchers can be accompanied by Drune wraiths, masters of carnage can be accompanied by Devourer wraiths.

Devourer wraiths have the profile of a Wolfen Zombie (with a choice among the three that exist). These fighters are equipped with Chains of Calamity. (This equipment is considered to be printed on their reference card.)

Like Drune wraiths, Devourer wraiths lose the use of Regeneration / X if no friendly master of carnage is present on the battlefield. They recover this ability as soon as a master of carnage of their camp returns to the battlefield.

Yet the Devourers haven't acquired the Drunes' level of mastery in this domain and only two Devourer wraiths can join the army for every master of carnage in it. Similarly, the masters of carnage don't have the faculty to regenerate thanks to the wraiths as do the soul snatchers. And finally, in no way can the "Resurrection of the Wraiths" spell target a Devourer wraith.

The masters of carnage of the horde of Dun-Scaith nevertheless keep their "The Path of Perfection" special capacity.

Playable Units