The Furies of Avagddu

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The following is pulled from pg 30 of Cry Havoc 5 Gaming Aid.

An army cannot include a Fury of Avagddu in its ranks when it is built. In Rag'Narok it is not possible to make Units of Orphans of Avagddu. They are considered to be independents and must be integrated into existing Units.

The Orphans and furies of Avagddu do not benefit from the effects that affect spasm warriors.

The Furies of Avagddu

A d6 is rolled every time an orphan of Avagddu suffers a Damage Roll. This test is called the "transformation roll."

  • On a result of 1, 2, or 3, nothing happens.
  • On a result of 4, 5, or 6, the orphan of Avagddu turns into a fury of Avagddu until the end of the game. Her miniature and her profile are replaced accordingly. The fury is in the same state of Wounds as the orphan she replaces and benefits from the magic effects that she was under. She can then no longer make transformation rolls. If the result is 5 or 6, the the damage roll is also ignored. This result is considered to be a successful Survival Instinct test.