The Devouring Scythe

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The Devouring Scythe

When Nilarakh entered in Mid-Nor's service, he brought with him his family's ancestral weapon, The Devouring Scythe. This champion of the Abyss handles this dreadfully sharp scythe as if it were an extension of himself. Nilarakh uses it with one of two hands, and has often shown himself capable of sliding its cruel blade between the gaps in the most heavy of armor.

Several members of his family have tried to hunt down Nilarakh to get back this artifact, yet to no avail; these heroes now also serve the cause of the god of the Abyss.

The Devouring Scythe gives +2 STR and the Brutal ability to Nilarakh.

This artifact is reserved to Nilarakh.

Cost: 13 AP