The Crosier of Ymsur

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The Crosier of Ymsur

When he is carrying the Crosier of Ymsur, Ysithan may keep a miracle in reserve for later use.

To represent this, he can Call one of his miracles without taking into account its Range or Area of Effect. If the Call is successful, the miracle has no immediate effect: it is stocked within his Crosier. Only miracles whose Difficulty and Fervor are numerical values can be kept within the Crosier of Ymsur. This artifact can hold only one miracle at a time.

The miracle can be freed in a following round during the phase in which it is normally Called. Play as if the Faithful has just succeeded the Call, even if he has no more T.F. points left. The Faithful doesn't spend the Fervor bound to the miracle again, but he must respect all its other parameters such as Range and Area of Effect. The Crosier can then be used to stock a miracle again...

Freeing the miracle held in the Crosier doesn't keep the Bishop from Calling other miracles in the same round: he can even, if he wishes to, Call the same miracle as the one he has just freed. In this case he must choose two different targets.

The Crosier of Ymsur is reserved to Ysilthan.

Cost: 12 AP