The Bishop's Diagonal

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The Bishop's Diagonal

Fervor: 2

C./A./D.: 1/0/2

Cult: Reserved to Ysilthan

Difficulty: 7

Area of Effect: Special

Range: Personal

Duration: Until end of round

A.P.: 12

Under this miracle's influence the Despot's will leaves Ysilthan and goes from body to body to rekindle the flame that burns within every one of his servants.

Roll a D6 for every Mid-Nor figurine in the Faithful's camp having the Possessed ability and within his Aura of Faith. Make these die rolls one by one in the order of your choice. On a result of 3 of more the fighter benefits from a +2 bonus in Strength until the end of the round. On a result of 1 the fighter doesn't gain this bonus and suffers a Damage Roll of a Strength of 5 that cannot be avoided in any way. The demon then returns to the Faithful's body without affecting any further figurines that haven't been affected by this roll yet.

If the spirit of Ephorath inhabits Ysilthan at the time when he Calls this miracle, then the bonus in Strength is equal to +3 instead of +2.