Staff of the Puppeteer

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Staff of the Puppeteer

"The Magic of my Dolls will make you dance like a puppet!"

- Akkadhalet, one hundred and eleventh Lictor of the Despot.

The forges of Mid-Nor have given birth to many strange objects. Since their appearance, the Staffs of the Puppeteer have been the favorite artifact of many a Lictor, no doubt become of their obvious defensive properties. The Magicians attach the Canonic Doll of an allied Dwarf to it to bind his conscience to their own.

At the beginning of the game, the Lictor equipped with this type of Staff selects an allied non-Character figuring that has the Possessed ability. During the whole game this figurine will be activated at the same time as the Lictor and replaces its Initiative rating by the Lictor's.

If the targeted figurine should die, then the Lictor instantly loses two Gems of Darkness, if he has them.

Special: only a Lictor or a Faithful of Mid-Nor may possess a Staff of the Puppeteer.

Cost: 15 AP