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For the privileged few, Rackham designed a game in the grand vision of Jean Bey's, Rag'Narok. Made to rival other large wargames at the time such as Warhammer, Rag'Narok took the Skirmish game that was Confrontation and increased its scale tenfold. Instead of individual figures, you would see entire units without limit in size. Spendier troops would be more at home here such as Titans and Living Legends. The use of powerful Rituals & Communions magics was also introduced for Rag'Narok only. Each army would heavily rely on a main leader, their Command in Chief. This reliance would define their capacy to act in battle, being limited by their discipline and number of orders. Additional means were created to balance this system such as being able to promote any figure to leader at the cost of 10AP to guarantee at least one order to their Unit each round. Then there are the Luminous and Dark Strangleholds, which allowed Constructs and Living-Dead to gain discipline and orders through their Cynwall Mage and Undead Necromancer counterparts.

Due to a poor translation and lay out of the English Rag'Narok Rulebook, few ever had the chance to experience the game outside of Europe. For those interested in giving it a try regardless, a rules summary can be found in the Game Aids & Resourcespage.

Being before the change over to Confrontation 3 and a game aside from it, all Confrontation 2 Spells & Miracles are allowed to play in Rag'Narok.

Here is a Rough Translation of the last known FAQ: RagNarok FAQ EN

The Different Versions

The original French Rag'Narok is referred to as Version 1.0.

The updated English Version is 1.5, which also includes the "New Abilities" from Cry Havoc #?

Later, a complete rules remodel was introduced as Rag'Narok 2 in Cry Havoc 13, which had little time to come off the ground before Rackhams eventual collapse and the Age of Rag'Narok Era.

You can find the various rules in the main Rules page.

Rag'Narok Box Set Contents
Rag'Narok Box Set Contents


Rag'Narok Box set contents:

Rag'Narok Rulebook

Aarklash Universe Book

Guide Sheet

Rag'Narok Incarnate Profile Cards

Ritual Cards

Communion Cards

Tactics Cards

Punchout Token Sheets

After the release of the core box set, Rackham began a line of Rag'Narok oriented boxes. These included packs of Troops and War Staffs. Also rarely seen were 2 ready to go army boxes for the Alchemists of Dirz and Orcs of Bran-O-Kor, namedly "The Tribe of the Red Sands" & "Garison of Danakil". Armies shown in the first Cry Havoc Battle Report, The Oasis of Blood.

Rag'Narok Army Boxes
Rag'Narok Army Boxes
Rag'Narok Army Boxes
Rag'Narok Army Boxes

Cry Havoc

Battle Report: The Oasis of Blood (Orcs vs Dirz) - (CH1)

Battle Report: The Battle of the Pillar (Lions vs Mid-Nor) - (CH2)

Battle Report: The Tears of Yllia (Wolfen vs Griffin) - (CH4)

Battle Report: The Gorge of the Dragon (Cynwall/Griffin/Lion vs Acheron) - (CH6)

Battle Report: The Temple of the 4 Winds (Goblins/Uraken vs Tir-Na-Bor) - (CH7)

Lore: The Rag'Narok (CH14)

Lore: The Dance of the Scorpion(CH15)

Lore: The Heart of Darkness (CH17)

Lore: The Embrace of Darkness (CH18?)

Rules: New Abilities (CH8)

Rules: At the Cradle of Titans (CH8)

Rules: Rag'Narok 2 Introduction (CH13)

Painting: Rackham Paints (CH7)

Painting: Techniques (CH9)