Mirror of Betrayal

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Mirror of Betrayal

Ezalyth is one of the Colony of Ephorath's most enigmatic figures. This strange character constantly seems to be wavering between feverishness and fury, nightmare and reality. her disturbed personality lets nothing get in her way and all obstacles in her path are tackled head on with a dreadful brutality. Ezalyth has thus made a mirror with evil powers, as if to avoid losing herself in her own reflection.

During the Magic Phase the Queen can transform as many Gems of Darkness Managem darkness.png in her reserve as she likes into "Reflection" counters. Each Gem of Darkness Managem darkness.png brings her one "Reflection" counter. The Mirror keeps these counters from one round to the next and can contain up to 8 of them.

When the Queen makes a <Survival Instinct> Roll she can call on this artifact's power to increase her chances of success. If she spends two Reflection counters. Ezalyth can roll one additional die for her <Survival Instinct> Roll. The Mirror doesn't allow more than one additional die to be obtained for a <Survival Instinct> Roll, but it can be used several times per round. The Queen must spend two Reflection counters for every roll she wishes to make.

The Mirror of Betrayal is reserved to Ezalyth.

Cost: 12 AP