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Certain fighter profiles have the Loyal / X ability. These fighters do not generate T.F. like the other believers for the orthodox faithful in their camp.

If a Loyal fighter is within the aura of faith of an orthodox faithful in his camp, then he is not counted with the other believers. Instead, he directly increases the faithful’s T.F. by a number of points equal to X. If this type of believer is present within the aura of faith of several faithful, then Loyal / X applies to all of them.

If a faithful himself has this ability, then the X value is not added to his T.F., but only to that of the orthodox faithful in his camp in whose aura of faith he is standing.

For <Iconoclasts>, enemy fighters with the Loyal / X ability are considered to be normal believers (the calculation of their T.F. does not take this ability into account).

Example: Sered is a Zealot, Warrior-monk, orthodox, and has Faithful of Merin / 12.5. When calculating his T.F. there are eight believers within 12.5 cm or less of him. Among these believers is a Griffin thallion with the Loyal / 1 ability. Sered’s T.F. is calculated in the following way:

  • Being a Zealot Warrior-monk, Sered generates 2 T.F. points.
  • The Griffin thallion generates 1 T.F. point thanks to Loyal / 1.
  • Being a Zealot, Sered gets 1 T.F. point for every even incomplete group of 2 believers within his aura of faith. The seven other believers therefore generate 4 additional T.F. points.

So Sered has a T.F. of 2 + 1 + 4 = 7.

Note: Certain game effects allow the iconoclastic faithful to count the believers in their camp in the calculation of their T.F. In this case, they benefit from the Loyal / X ability in the same way as the orthodox faithful.