Internal Chaos

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Internal Chaos

As specialists in Possession, the Lictors use this spell to disorganize the enemy army. Several times victory has smiled upon them thanks to repeated use of this pernicious spell. The perception of the battlefield becomes confused and blurry for those that are in the heart of the fray, thus disorienting the enemy war leaders and distorting their judgement. Pushed to make errors in this way, it is easier to vanquish them...

3 Darkness Managem darkness.png

Path: Chthonian

Range: Special

Difficulty: 8

Duration: Special

Area of Effect: Special

Frequency: Unlimited

Intensity: 4

A.P.: 14

This spell may be cast at any time during the Movement phase when the opponent announces that he is putting a card in Reserve. If the Incantation succeeds, roll a D6: on a result of 4 or more he is obliged to activate the card immediately as if you had just given it to him.