Guild of Thieves

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Updated CH15 Rules

There are not enough adjectives or revilements in the world to describe the members of the Guild of Thieves. All at once crooks and heroes, avengers and criminals, they always generate a passionate love-hate sensation. For many people, they are the embodiment of riches and adventure.

The fighters of the Guild of Thieves have access to the following game effects. The "Solo" attribute concerns the game effects which can influence "Solo" capacities. The cost (in A.P.) indicated after the name of each capacity is added to the cost of the fighter to whom it is given.

My teacher always told me never to steal from magicians. Either he was a coward, and I'll smash the head of anyone who says that about him, except me, or he wanted to keep the best part of the cake for himself. You can find a lot of things under the robes of a magician! You just have to run faster than a fireball...

Solo / Fence (5 P.A.): This ability can be assigned to any fighter associated with the Guild of Thieves. Its use is declared once per round, when the fighter is activated and when the fighter is in contact with an enemy faithful/magician. 1d6 is rolled.

  • 1-3 : Nothing happens.
  • 4-6 : The player randomly picks a miracle/ spell card from those owned by the faithful/ magician targeted. The miracle/spell picked out cannot be used until the end of the round. Fence has no effect on miracles/spells which have been used during a previous round and whose effects still apply to the current round.

A faithful/magician can only be targeted by this capacity once per round.

We're making a big deal about Aghovar's death. Some people didn't believe it and searched for him for weeks. Time passed and everyone mourned the most beautiful thief that Aarklash ever had... Well, you know what? I still don't believe in his death! (I knew "the Devil" at the end of his reign: he had a fabulous, incredible luck, enough to draw up a bill for witchcraft. Aghovar watches over his people, so they say.

Solo / Lucky as Hell (Special): This capacity can be given to any Character associated to the Guild of Thieves. Its cost (in A.P.) is equal to 2 x RES written on the fighters card. Its use is declared once per game, before the resolution of a Damage roll against the Character. The roll doesn't inflict any Damage.


Cry Havoc 15 Page 43 replaces the above rules with new rules.