Enchantment of the Doll

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Enchantment of the Doll

By point a Soul Devouring doll in one of his enemies' direction and then calling on this enchantment, the Faithful captures a part of the adversary's essence. He can then inflict great suffering on his victim by mutilating the doll with various tools, such as pins and little knives.

Fervor: 2

C./A./D.: 1/0/1

Cult: Mid-Nor

Difficulty: 7

Area of Effect: One figurine

Range: 15 cm

Duration: Instantaneous

A.P.: 8

The targeted figurine must make a Discipline test of which the difficulty depends on the body part chosen by the Faithful. In case of failure the figurine suffers a Wound of a Strength of - placed at the body part chosen for this miracle: Legs / 10, Arm / 8, Torso / 6, Head / 4.

The Enchantment of the Doll has no effect on the Living-Dead and Constructs.