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When a fighter has to make a Courage test facing a Dreadful opponent or facing a group of opponents in which one fighter has this ability, then the Courage test must be made using 2d6. Only the lower natural result is then used. If the fighter benefits from an effect that allows him to roll several d6 for his Courage test and use the best result, then the two effects cancel each other out and the roll is made in the usual way with just 1d6.

This ability applies even if it is not the Dreadful fighter’s FEAR that is taken into account.

Example: A guard of Alahan is charged at the same time by a Wolfen zombie (FEAR 8) and a banshee of Acheron (FEAR 7; Dreadful). In this case it’s the Wolfen zombie’s FEAR that is taken into account, yet the test is made using 2d6 and the Lion player must keep the lower of the two results.