Doll of Servitude

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Doll of Servitude

"Fear my apparent weakness, for it is treacherous and perfidious... Never do I go alone..."

- Mahal the Enchanter

The Lictor can acquire a number of Dolls of Servitude equal to half his Power rating rounded down to the nearest integer. Each Doll counts as one in the number of artifacts to which the Magician is allowed. In each turn, right after the Tactical Roll, the Magician may sacrifice one of these dolls. In this case a fighter appears within 10 cm or less of the Lictor. This artifact cannot be used if it is impossible to place the new figurine within this zone. Roll 1D6. The result of this roll indicates the maximum value of the figurine thus invoked:

  • 1-2: 13 AP
  • 3-4: 21 AP
  • 5-6: 31 AP

The player freely chooses the type of fighter invoked among the figurines at his disposal. Only non-Character fighters of Mid-Nor having the Possessed ability may be chosen. In Confrontation, add the new fighter's Reference card to the pile. If several fighters of the same type are invoked in this way, then you can regroup them on the same card within the maximum number of figurines it may represent. In Rag'Narok the fighters that enter the game through a Doll of Servitude's power follow the rules of Invocation of fighters.

Once sacrificed, the Doll of Servitude is discarded.

These artifacts are reserved to magicians of Mid-Nor that Master Chthonian Magic.

Cost: 20 AP