Demonic Strength

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Demonic Strength

The Collector thoughtfully gazed at the Jackal Warrior's corpse lying at his feet, wondering which organs would be of use to his peers. With his Eviscerator he cut off the Orc's biceps... Now how would he transplant them to?

Fervor: 1

C./A./D.: 1/0/0

Cult: Reserved to Collector of Mid-Nor

Difficulty: 6

Area of Effect: Special

Range: Special

Duration: Special

A.P.: 11

This miracle must be Called right after the Collector has inflicted a KILLED OUTRIGHT in Hand-to-Hand Combat on an enemy figurine. He transplants a part of his victim's organs into the body of another befriended Dwarf of Mid-Nor within 5 cm of him. The recipient of the organs sees his Strength increase by 1 point until the end of the game. If this miracle is Called successfully, then the Collector cannot gain the Collection counter due to this KILLED OUTRIGHT. A figurine may benefit from a maximum of two Demonic Strengths per game. The Faithful cannot use this miracle on himself, but may be its target when cast by another Collector.