Contemplation of the Realms

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Contemplation of the Realms

All Magicians on Aarklash get their powers from the Elemental Realms created by the gods. But they only have a very partial and imperfect vision of what these Realms really are. By awakening his faith in his god or gods, a Faithful can allow an allied magician to open his mind for a few moments to the understanding of these invisible worlds.

Fervor: Special

C./A./D.: 2/0/0

Cult: Universal

Difficulty: 7

Area of Effect: One befriended Magician

Range: 10 cm

Duration: Special

A.P.: 10

The targeted Magician's Mana reserve capacity increases by the number of gems equal to the number of points of Temporary Faith (T.F.) spent by the Faithful. The points of T.F. thus spent to increase the miracle's effects cannot be used to reinforce the Bond during the Call. The miracle's effect ends as soon as the targeted Magician suffers a Wound.

A same Magician may not accumulate the effects of more than one Contemplation of the Realms.