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For every fighter endowed with this ability who is still in play, the player gets one “Authority” counter at the beginning of the approach and then at the beginning of each activation phase. These counters can be used in various ways during the approach or the activation:

  • When the player has just had the lead, he can use one of these counters to immediately get it again.

Example: Player B has just played and player A should get the lead. However, player B spends an Authority counter to keep the lead. Thus, this allows him to play twice in a row.

  • A player can use one of these counters to pass his turn when he has the lead.
  • A player can use an Authority counter to prevent his opponent from passing his turn. The opponent is then forced to play immediately and loses one of his “refusals.”

Example: A group of dwarves of Mid-Nor led by Yh-Karas, the King of the Abyss, is confronting some Wolfen. The Wolfen player has the lead and has the right to pass his turn twice. He chooses to use this right a first time. Because Yh-Karas has Authority, the Mid-Nor player has a counter that he uses to force his opponent to play. The Wolfen player must therefore immediately play and can pass his turn only one more time later on.

  • A player can use such a counter to cancel one of his opponent’s Authority counters as soon as it is used.

Attention! No matter how many of a camp’s fighters are endowed with this ability, each player can use only one Authority counter per turn (meaning the time during which the player has the lead). Moreover, Authority counters cannot be kept from one round to the next. All unused counters are discarded at the end of the activation phase.