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During deployment, Scouts can be placed anywhere on the battlefield, even outside of their camp’s deployment zone or in that of their opponents.

Yet it is not permitted to deploy a Scout within less than 10 cm of an opponent. The opposite is, however, permitted, but it is forbidden to place a fighter directly into contact with a Scout.

If, at the end of deployment, a Scout is further than 10 cm from any opponent, then he is considered to be hidden. As long as a Scout remains hidden he cannot be the direct target of any effects (assault, shot, spell, miracle, etc.). He can nevertheless be affected by zone effects.

A Scout is no longer considered to be hidden as soon as an enemy ends his activation within a radius of 10 cm around him. A fighter who spots a Scout in this way cannot target him immediately, yet a different fighter who is activated later on (even during the same turn being played) can do so. A Scout is also spotted if he does one of the following actions:

  • Assault
  • Fire
  • Cast a spell
  • Call a miracle
  • Use the <Rallying Cry> ability

<Leadership / X> applies as usual, even if the fighter endowed with it is a hidden Scout.