Mutagenic / X

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The “Mutagenic / X” ability allows fighters endowed with it to benefit from bonuses in certain characteristics. Its use is regulated in the following way.

1. Calculation of the number of Mutagenic / X dice

At the beginning of each round, before the Tactical roll, for every even incomplete 100 A.P. of fighters in his camp who are still in play and who have this ability (including capacities, spells, miracles and artifacts), the player controlling them gets one Mutagenic / X die.

Example: A Scorpion player has the following fighters in his army:

• Kayl Kartan (Mutagenic/1): 56 A.P.

+ The Skull of Souls (artifact): 17 A.P.

+ Suspect Injection (spell): 18 A.P.

• 2 Keratis Warriors (Mutagenic / 1): 66 A.P.

• 3 Clones of Dirz (Mutagenic / -1): 33 A.P.

• 1 Tiger of Dirz: 51 A.P.

When calculating the A.P. total of fighters endowed with Mutagenic / X, Kayl Kartan’s artifact and spell are counted, for they belong to a fighter endowed with this ability. On the other hand, the Tiger of Dirz does not have it, so he is not included in the calculation. The total is therefore 56 + 17 + 18 + 66 + 33 = 190 A.P. This represents two incomplete segments of 100 A.P., meaning 2 Mutagenic / X dice.

2. Assigning the Mutagenic/X dice

Once the number of dice has been calculated, the player must immediately assign each die to one of his fighters endowed with Mutagenic/X. The same fighter can benefit from only one Mutagenic/X die per round (apart from exceptions bound to a particular effect).

Example: The Scorpion player has 2 Mutagenic / X dice available. The Tiger of Dirz cannot get one since he does not have the Mutagenic / X ability. The player chooses a Keratis Warrior and a Clone of Dirz.

3. Determining the Mutagenic / X bonus

The dice thus assigned represent a potential bonus that can be added to certain characteristics of the fighters benefiting from them. From the moment that a Mutagenic / X die has been assigned to a fighter, the player can roll it at any time during the round being played to determine the bonus provided. To calculate this bonus the roll’s natural result is modified by the X value bound to the fighter’s Mutagenic / X ability.

Attention! When a Mutagenic/X die is rolled to determine the bonus, a 1 is considered to be an automatic failure, but a 6 cannot be rolled again.

The final result indicates the number of points that can be used to increase certain of the fighter’s characteristics.

Example: At the moment that his Clone of Dirz is activated, the Scorpion player decides to roll his Mutagenic / X die. He gets a 2. Because the clone’s Mutagenic / X value is –1, the final result is a bonus of one point (2 – 1 = 1). The player could also roll the Keratis Warrior’s die at the same time, yet he prefers waiting to keep his opponent wondering what he is up to.

4. Characteristics that can be increased and maximum bonus

The bonus points thus obtained can be used to increase MOV, INI, ATT, STR, DEF and RES. The maximum number of Mutagenic / X points that can be added to the same characteristic is equal to 2 plus the X value of the fighter’s Mutagenic / X ability if it is positive.

Example: With Mutagenic / -1 the Clone of Dirz can assign a maximum of two bonus points to the same characteristic. A Keratis Warrior, on the other hand, has Mutagenic / 1. He can therefore add up to three bonus points to the same characteristic.

5. Distribution of bonus points

Once the global amount of bonus points has been determined for a fighter, they can be used at any time by the player while respecting the following conditions:

  • In no way can the increase of a characteristic modify a test that has already been made.
  • A fighter’s DEF and ATT can be increased before an exchange, but not during one.

Example: During the combat phase a clone of Dirz encounters a Soldier of the Plains. At the beginning of the first exchange the Scorpion player decides to use the clone’s only bonus point to increase his ATT from 2 to 3.

The next combat opposes the Keratis Warrior to a Khor Warrior. The Keratis wins the Initiative test against his opponent, and right after the Dwarf player has placed his combat dice into attack and defense the Scorpion player decides to roll his Mutagenic / X die. He gets a 5 that, when added to the Keratis’s Mutagenic / X value (Mutagenic / 1), gives him a global bonus of 6 points. At the beginning of the first exchange the Scorpion player increases the Keratis’s ATT by 2 points. His first attack succeeds and the Khor does not manage to defend himself. Before proceeding with the Damage roll the Scorpion player increases the Keratis’s STR by 3 points (which is the maximum allowed seeing his Mutagenic / X value). The blow is not enough to kill the Khor, who strikes back and succeeds his attack. Before his opponent makes his Damage roll, the Scorpion player uses his last Mutagenic / X point to increase the Keratis’s RES.

6. Duration of the modifications

The modification of characteristics thanks to Mutagenic / X lasts until the end of the round being played. At the time out phase the unused Mutagenic / X dice and points are lost.