Confrontation: Age of Rag'Narok

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Age of Rag'Narok was the last seen version of Confrontation by Rackham. It was developed alongside AT-43 with an updated casual experience rules set using large sums of their new pre painted plastic figure line. Only the factions: Scorpion (Dirz), Wolfen, Ram (Acheron), Lion and Griffin had figures produced before Rackhams downfall. There were plans for the remaining Confrontation armies as well as the never before seen Spider (Akkyshan) and Sphinx.

Each army came with an Army Book showcasing their standard unit rules, heroes and unique subfaction banners. Each banner forced a particular army composition and came with a unique perk matched with a unique disadvantage. There are rumors that there would later be a second Army Book for each faction, adding rules for more heroes and units.

Unfortunately the game barely took off before the companys shutdown. The drastic shift to pre painted plastic along with other poor business decisions is speculated to have been a main contributing factor. As much as the plastic could not match the quality of the original cast figures, they are still looked back on as having been surprising in quality for painted plastic. Some of these figures were even utilized during liquidation by Heroscape fans continuation of the game with figure supplements.

You can find all of the games original content in digital form on the Esoteric Order of Gamers Website along with custom made cards, making it much easier to play the game.