The Daïkinee Sylphs

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The Daïkinee Sylphs

The sylphs are wind fairies. Fond of nature and of the azure skies, they often gather to flutter around and sing their love of life in wonderful ballets. Mortals interest them a lot and the sylphs often show great empathy for them. Alas, these beautiful immortals leave in their wake many desperate hearts, their love of freedom is strongest and they cannot bear to remain bound to a unique person or location.

Once found throughout Aarklash, the sylphs have gathered in the forest of Quithayran soon before the Rag'Narok began. They joined the Daïkinee armies to protect the eternal sanctuaries and inspire them with their marvelous songs.

The Daïkinees get <Bravery> as long as they remain even partially within 15 cm of a sylph on their side, no matter the level of altitude. The sylph herself benefits from this capacity.