The Banner of the Pacifier

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Every time Aegher eliminates an opponent who he deems worthy, he takes the time to represent his victory on his banner. The other members of the Brotherhood like to joke by saying that Aegher hopes to compensate for his inferiority complex in this way. But the Champion very well knows that his determination is not measured by his size!

The Banner of the Pacifier

As soon as Aegher eliminates an adversary who has a value of 15 A.P. or more, place a counter on this card. Their number indicated the abilities acquires progressively and cumulatively by Aegher.

- 3 counters: Brutal

- 6 counter: Fanaticism

- 9 counters: Righteous

The effects of the Banner of the Pacifier last until the end of the game.

In Adventure mode, the counters may be kept from one Act to the other until Act III. Aegher loses all his counters if he is KILLED OUTRIGHT. This artifact cannot be used in Rag'Narok.

The Banner of the Pacifier is reserved to Aegher.

Cost: 8 AP