Pack: The Howling Pack

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The Howling Pack
The Howling Pack (back)

The Howling Pack

The Goldsmiths' Guild is one of the Cadwallon's most prosperous merchant companies. Though officially devoted to the trade in precious stones and metals, its real activities are much vaster. The Goldsmiths' Guild spreads its influence all over the free city through trafficking of all sorts, contraband, and dealing in stolen goods.

Darehvan, the grand master of this organization, fully trusts his bodyguard Agyar, a formidable Wolfen who has successfully led many an operation for him. He has entrusted him with his seal, allowing him to use all of the Guild's human and financial resources.

But as a general rule, Agyar the Unyielding only works with his closest companions with whom he has formed a group known as "The Howling Pack." This very peculiar pack unites Wolfen renegades that have left the forest of Diisha for obscure reasons - warriors vanquished in singular combat, she wolves rejected by their peers, victims of bad omens - and their exclusion has only heightened the natural ferocity of these terrifying predators.

Entrusted with the most delicate of missions, those that need force as much as they need tact. Agyar's brothers-in-arms all have strong personalities and are feral warriors that are used to hard knocks. But the brotherhood that binds them is unbreakable.

The Howling Pack Original Capacity Text

The Howling Pack is not a closed and unchanging clan. Agyar, Lykaï, Saphyr and Kaëliss are the Pack's emblematic figures, yet many other Wolfen have bought by their sides. To represent these other Wolfen, you will find three Reference cards of Wolfen fighters in this box. These may be integrated directly into he Howling Pack without having to acquire the "Brotherhood of Renegades" experience card. This also counts for all Wolfen figurines that have the Pariah ability.

When Agyar, Lykaï, Saphyr, and Kaëliss are present in an army then the following effects apply:

As a member of the Howling Pack, Kaëliss the Silent is not considered an Ally.

The percentage of Wolfen Repentants authorized is not limited anymore.

Thanks to the Guild's immense wealth, the cost in A.P. of every Character of the Howling Pack is reduced by 10% (rounded up to the nearest integer). This reduction also applied to their cards of which the use is subject to a cost in A.P. This cost reduction doesn't affect the calculation of the number of fighter's combat dice and Wounds in Rag'Narok. In combat the members of the Howling Pack rival each other in fierceness. At the beginning of each round, before making the Tactical Roll, you may select one non-Character fighter of the Howling Pack for every 100 A.P., even incomplete, still left in your army. These fighters thus selected acquire the Implacable / 1 ability until the end of the round. If the fighter already has this ability, then his Implacable rating is increased by 1 point.

A Pack From Cadwallon

Note: The following passage comes from pages 28 and 29 of Cry Havoc Gaming Aid vol 05.

The Howling Pack unites the four Incarnates who originally founded it, as well as the profiles of Wolfen fighters who are typical of this pack. However, since it was founded, the Howling Pack's reputation has never stopped growing and other warriors now regularly come to lend their services to Agyar and his companions.

How to Join the Howling Pack?

All Wolfen fighters, be they Characters or not, who have the "Pariah" ability can become members of the Howling Pack and thus benefit from the special rules bound to this clan.

Two alternative profile cards bound to the Howling Pack are supplied with this issue of Cry Havoc: howling repentants and howling predators.

And finally, the fighters listed further below can join the Howling Pack. This sometimes implicates an additional cost in A.P. whose amount varies depending on the type of trooper.

The Wolfen thus affiliated to the Howling Pack benefit from all the special rules bound to this clan. What more, some are endowed with exceptional aptitudes under certain conditions.

Attention! Wolfen who are already affiliated to a different pack cannot join the Howling Pack.

Wolfen Prowlers

Wolfen Prowlers can join the Howling Pack without their cost being modified. They then acquire the "Pariah" abilities. The prowlers affiliated to this pack from Cadwallon can take howling hunters to be apprentices.

Wolfen Crossbowmen

Wolfen crossbowmen, whatever their type, and Wolfen sentinels can join the Howling Pack without their cost being modified. They then acquire the "Pariah" ability.

Alternative Army

Like all clans, that of the Howling Pack benefits from certain rules when it is at a whole. The original composition for the clan to be at a whole is as follows:

  • Agyar the Unyielding
  • Saphyr, Wolfen Lonewolf
  • Lykaï the Freed
  • Kaëliss the Silent

With the integration of new fighters, the Howling Pack's composition can be modified at the player's choosing while still remaining to be considered "at a whole." The following restriction must be respected:

  • The army must include at least one of the Howling Pack's original Characters* for every full 300 A.P. This obligation no longer applies once all four of the clan's Characters have joined the army.
  • In Confrontation all of the army's fighters, without any exceptions, must be part of the Howling Pack.
  • In Rag'Narok at least 50% of the army's A.P. value must be affiliated to the Howling Pack (including spells, miracles and artifacts). The Commander-in-Chief must also be bound to the Howling Pack.

Special Rules

When the clan is at a whole, the following special rules apply.

Refuge of the Pariahs

The percentage of Wolfen repentants in the army is no longer limited.

The Maalivatë

Kaëliss the Silent is not considered to be an Ally. He can join the army as if he were a Wolfen.

Occult Financing

Thanks to the immense wealth of the Guild of Goldsmiths, the cost in A.P. of each Character bound to the Howling Pack is reduced by 10% (rounded up to the higher integer). This reduction also applies to all their cards who use is subject to a cost in A.P., and it does not affect a fighter's number of Wound levels and combat dice in Rag'Narok.

The Seal of the Goldsmiths

When the Guild of Goldsmiths sends the Howling Pack to take part in an important battle, then Grand Master Darehvan entrusts his seal to Agyar. More than a symbol of authority, this object is a magic artifact that considerably increased Agyar's leadership qualities.

The Seal of the Goldsmiths can only be given to Agyar, and this only if he is chosen to be his army's Commander-in-Chief in Rag'Narok. He then acquires the "Leadership / 15" ability and his DIS is increased by one point. The 10% reduction due to "Occult Financing" rule also applies to the cost of the seal.

12 A.P.


In combat the members of the Howling Pack rival with each other in ferocity. At the beginning of each round, before the Tactical Roll, a non-Character fighter of the Howling Pack can be chosen for every even incomplete 100 A.P. of fighters bound to the Howling Pack in the army who are still in play. The chosen fighters acquire "Implacable / 1" until the end of the round. If the fighter already has this ability, this his Implacable / X value increased by one point. His Implacable / X value cannot become greater than 2 in this way.

In Rag'Narok the chosen troops must be in the same Unit. If this is not possible, then the chosen fighters must all be Independents.


The capacity card "The Howling Pack" rules was replaced by the passage found in Cry Havoc magazine vol 05.